Deciding on a name

After finally deciding to set up a blog, the next decision was what to call it.  I hesitated to call it something “yogic” as I hope to be posting all sorts on here that will be of interest to you all.  I love to read and a book I read a couple of years ago, that would among my top 5 reads, had a transcript of a sermon in it entitled “This Momentous Day”.  Well, I read this and it touched me to my core, so much so that after reading it, I read it out in class to my students, emailed it to friends and recommended the book to many people.  Was is this book you are thinking?  It is called “From the Corner of his Eye” by Dean Koontz.  This book is shocking yet sweet, scary yet full of love, fantasy yet so real.  I know that I will remember this book forever and will always have a copy on my shelf.  So onto the passage, here it is, if you are inspired to read the book let me know how you like it.

Not one day in anyone’s life is an uneventful day, no matter who you are or what you do. Because in every day of your life, there are opportunities to perform little kindnesses for others, both by conscious acts of will and unconscious example. Each smallest act of kindness – even just words of hope when they are needed, the remembrance of a birthday, a compliment that engenders a smile – reverberates across great distances and spans of time, affecting lives unknown to the one whose generous spirit was the source of the good echo, because kindness is past on and grows each time it’s passed, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage years later and far away. Likewise each small meanness, each thoughtless expression of hatred, each envious and bitter act, regardless of how petty, can inspire others, and is therefore the seed that ultimately produces evil fruit, poisoning people whom you have never met and never will.  All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined – those dead, those living, those generations yet to come – that the fate of all is the fate of each, and the hope of humanity rests in every heart and in every pair of hands.  After every failure, strive for success. When faced with the end of one thing, build something new and better in the ashes. From pain and grief, weave hope. For each of us is a thread critical to the strength and survival of the human tapestry.  Every hour in every life contains such often unrecognized potential to affect the world that the great days for which we so often yearn are already with us, all great days and possibilities are combined always in THIS MOMENTOUS DAY.

Dean Koontz took the beginning part of this from a quote by H.R. White.

This is the reason I decided to call the blog “This Momentous Day”  Try to make every day momentous.

“Brighten the corner where you live and you will light the world”


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